The Group has in place a whistle-blowing policy to ensure independent investigations of complaints relating to fraud, corruption, possible improprieties in financial reporting, breach of law, non-compliance with the Group’s code of conduct and business practices, and any wrongful acts by any employees of the Group, and for appropriate follow-up action.

The policy is aimed at encouraging the reporting of such matters in good faith and that staff of the Group and other persons making such reports will be treated fairly and, to the extent possible, protected from reprisal and detrimental or unfair treatment. The Group is also committed in ensuring that the identity of the whistleblower is kept confidential.

Anonymous complaints may be considered, taking into account factors such as the merits of the issues raised.

Any suspected non-compliance case and/or concern may be reported in writing and forwarded to AC Chairman by

    ⅰ.post to 138 Robinson Road #26-03 Oxley Tower Singapore 0638898; and/or

    ⅱ.email to

The policy has a well-defined process which ensues independent investigation of issues/concerns raised and appropriate follow-up action.

All reported whistle-blowing incidents or concerns will be independently investigated and remedial actions will be taken to address the whistle-blowing incidents. The Audit Committee has oversight and monitoring of the policy.