I.About Bacui Technologies
  Bacui Technologies International Ltd. (referred to as "BACUI TECH") is affiliated to the Service Section of Best Group. As the first listed enterprise for service outsourcing in South China, it has implemented the overall development strategy of Best lean service system and adhered to the core value of "integration of righteousness and profit". It focuses on the service outsourcing business of financial institutions and governments and enterprises at all levels,and it also provides customers with human resource management, smart city services, digital archiving, property management, financial logistics, training and consulting services, etc. Meanwhile, the company continuously optimizes the "lean service * AI" management system. With the application of artificial intelligence, big data, and the internet,as well as intelligent command systems formed by ERP systems, integrated business platforms, and integrated scheduling platforms, the services has grown rapidly, such as human resources, financial logistics, archive management, property management, examination affairs, and information monitoring. The current staff of Best's Service Section is more than 8,000 people, with 57 branches distributed in 19 cities; serving 77 cities, including 46 prefecture-level cities, 30 county-level cities, and 1 special administrative region.

II. About Best Group
  The Best Group was established in real estate industry and has since been dedicated its passion to the field of education. After two decades of effort, it has transformed into a modern enterprise that puts education at the forefront and relies on real estate and finance as supporting operations.
The Best Group manages dozens of companies divided into five sections:
The School Section consists of 10 shareholding schools, ranging from kindergarten, primary schools, middle schools, high schools and vocational education. With a combined student population of over 20,000, these schools boast exceptional academic performance and are among the best in the area.
The Study Valley Section consists of three departments, the BEST Elite Business Department, the Best Sports Business Department and the BEST GYM Project.
The Service Section comprises the Guangdong Intellect Financial Business Unit, the Intellect Service Business Unit, the Foshan Shunde Best HR Business Unit.
The organizations within the Investment Section act as the cornerstone investors in some listed companies.
Finally, the Charity Section has carried out over 200 public welfare projects, and accumulated donations of more than 50 million yuan.
At present, Guangdong Best Group has more than 10,000 employees and operates in 200 cities across 18 countries. Over the years, the Group had more than 2 hundred million RMB tax returns filing.

III. Company Vision
  Bacui Technologies International Ltd. actively aligns with national strategies and urban construction directions, focusing on sustainable and high-quality development. In the past few years, the company's overall operating conditions have been stable with progress. Based on maintaining a stable and high-quality customer base, the company actively explores new markets. It concerntrates on improving operational efficiency, continuously innovates products and services, and maintains a leading position in the service outsourcing industry. In addition, the company continues to promote the adjustment of its business structure, mainly serving governments, financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, etc., and operating in multiple sectors to reduce operational risks.
  As the first Shunde listed enterprise in Singapore, Bacui Technologies International Ltd. not only demonstrates the comprehensive strength of Chinese enterprises to the international market, but also demonstrates the strong economic development capabilities of the Shunde region. It also provides an opportunity for cooperation between China and Singapore, helping to establish an equal and balanced new development partnership between the two regions. In the future, Bacui Technologies International Ltd. will adopt a company development strategy of "internationalization of the team, digitization of products, and globalization of business". Under the guidance of the national "Belt and Road" policy, it will further expand economic and trade exchanges with the Singapore market, deepen comprehensive cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.